About Leslie

patterson headshot.   As my father and mother taught in small towns across Texas, my three sisters and I spent much of our childhood at ball games, pep rallies, play rehearsals, and in the teacher’s lounge, waiting for mother to finish her school day.  When my husband and I graduated from college, it seemed natural to step into a classroom of my own.

I began my teaching career in Apple Springs, a tiny school district in deep East Texas, where I taught English to students in 7th, 9th, 10, 11th, and 12th grades, directed the senior class play, and sponsored the senior class. Later, I taught in a rural district near Lubbock and then spent 7 years teaching English at Conroe High, a large high schoolnorth of Houston. When I completed my doctorate in 1987, I moved into teacher education–and served on the faculties at Sam Houston State University, University of Houston, and University of North Texas. I retired from university teaching in 2013.

Now, I get to spend my time with family–traveling, reading, cooking, and walking in the woods. But I also have opportunities to work with amazing teachers, administrators, and organizational leaders who are involved with Human Systems Dynamics Institute (http://www.hsdinstitute.org)

Over the years, I have come to see the power and the promise of generative learning — learning that helps us adapt to unexpected challenges and learning that sustains over time. In this space, I invite you to join me in an exploration of how we can put generative learning to work in our lives.

–Leslie Patterson



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