Generative Learning . . .

Generative learning is what people do as they step into each moment in deliberate and mindful way.

Generative learning happens as we stand in inquiry. We look around at our world as we ask three questions:

  • What is happening?
  • So what might it mean?
  • Now what shall we do about it?

If we are rigorous and thoughtful in the ways we notice what is happening and name the patterns we see, we can then interpret  what these patterns might mean to us and to the larger community. This can suggest options for our “next wise action.”

Generative learning is at the heart of all human endeavors–science, philosophy, art, the humanities. 

This site is a place to explore the potential for generative learning in these turbulent and amazing times.  It is grounded in almost 40 years of my work as a teacher, a writer, a researcher, and a teacher educator in public schools in the U.S. But it is also grounded in my work as a Human Systems Dynamics (HSD) practitioner.

I send thanks around the globe to all the practitioners in the Human Systems Dynamics Institute network.

And many thanks to Glenda Eoyang, who founded that network, and to Royce Holladay, who helps Glenda lead that work. I thank them for their HSD work, but I also thank them for being loving, generative sisters. Growing and learning with them and with our fourth sister, JoTisa, is an unspeakable joy. Together, we thank Ruth Holladay, our mother, who set conditions for all this whatever-it-is.